Aegea Saneamento, the leading private company in the sector, has renewed its ISO 37001 Anti-Bribery Management certification. The first certificate obtained by the company in December 2018 was renewed in November 2021. The certificate, which covers a series of internationally recognized rules, is aimed at supporting organizations in preventing, detecting and addressing compliance actions by certifying the correct alignment between companies and the Anti-Bribery Standard.

To renew the certification, Aegea continues to meet all the requirements, which include identifying cases of noncompliance to take corrective action, conducting frequent internal audit, as well as monitoring and establishing procedures to prevent the offering, supply or acceptance of any action that characterizes bribery, among others.

“Aegea was the first company in the sector to receive this certification.  With this second renewal, the company consolidates its commitment and business model, which is based not only on responsible investments and achievement of targets, but also on strengthening corporate governance, ethics and transparency,” says Radamés Casseb, CEO of Aegea Saneamento.

“In recent years, we strengthened our Compliance Program, demonstrating the company’s commitment to society. Transforming the country’s reality must go beyond the company’s external services and initiatives”, completes Radamés.

Since 2010, Aegea Saneamento has been growing exponentially to become the sector leader in the private sector. This growth was only possible thanks to the company’s business model, which involved responsible investments in alignment with ESG principles.

“We believe that a solid Compliance Program such as ours strengthens the company’s image in terms of seriousness and transparency, especially with regard to our commitment to society, our stakeholders and the communities where we operate,” says Janaina de Queiroz Moraes, Integrity Manager at Aegea Saneamento.