Aegea announces the award of the Public Auction’s bid to provide Water and Sewage Treatment for the municipality of Teresina (PI)

São Paulo, February 08th, 2017 – Aegea Saneamento e Participações S.A. (“Company”), currently present in 47 municipalities located in 9 States, hereby announces the award and approval of the bid process to provide the public services of distribution of Water and Sewage Treatment to the municipality of Teresina (PI), remaining the analysis of the procedure by the Court of Audit of the State of Piauí to formalize the contract in order to produce the legal effects.

The full subconcession of water and sewage to the municipality of Teresina represents to the Company the first concession in the State of Piauí, Northeast Region, the 48th municipality, operating now in 10 states. The term of the operation is until 2047.

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