Generating shared threats in each city where we operate, by expanding people’s access to basic sanitation services, is part of Aegea’s DNA. The services promoted by the company are fundamental to the well-being of people and the protection of the environment, so working towards the universalization of these services is what drives us. We work by bringing drinking water and sanitation to millions of Brazilians every day. For all the positive externalities brought by sanitation to people’s lives, for us to serve more and more families goes beyond the commitments made in contracts, it is a commitment to health, dignity and improved quality of life, as well as to recovery and Preservation of the environment.

Guided by the Social License to Operate strategy, together with local society we created a cycle of prosperity and the positive results of Aegea’s way of acting have inspired investors, shareholders, stakeholders and collaborated to work together with the company for the sustainable growth of municipalities, of the States and the country.


People are at the center of Aegea’s operating strategy, both the company’s employees and citizens, our customers. Our constant challenge is to make each delivery reflect the diversity of the local population in its workforce at different hierarchical levels. Racial and gender equity are strategic themes for Aegea.

We ensure the constant development of our employees, making Aegea a vector of personal and professional growth, which is essential for us to achieve better results.

Aegea’s Sustainability Policy reflects this commitment to remain firm in our Aegea Operating Model, based on commitments to the future of the business, people and the territories where we operate.


Drinking water and sanitation are essential services for people’s quality of life, dignity and citizenship, as well as for biodiversity and the protection of the country’s water resources. Aegea is committed to actively working towards the universalization of these services to all citizens, and to this end it seeks to expand access for the most vulnerable to the benefit of the Social Tariff, in addition to the goals established in the contracts, promoting dignity, citizenship and inclusion.

Through the Aegea Institute, the socio-environmental arm of the Aegea Group, we execute social projects and programs based on the cities’ HDI-M, providing development in the pillars of Health, Education and Income. The objective is to generate local development, foster partnerships that expand the impact of our projects. Through our Afluentes program, we have established a relationship of trust with thousands of community leaders, in a form of direct communication allowing us to understand local demands and act with effectiveness and quality in the provision of services.


Basic sanitation services are among those that result in the greatest environmental gains. Through the process of sewage collection and treatment, we return clean water to nature, promoting the improvement of water bodies and the protection of biodiversity linked to these ecosystems.

The responsibility for bringing drinking water to millions of people, while working to protect river basins and the water resilience of these bodies of water, is fundamental for Aegea. Therefore, the company remains committed to actions aimed at preserving ecosystems and springs, recovering and depolluting springs, rivers, lakes, lagoons and the ocean.

We continually improve water distribution efficiency, saving this natural resource. We minimize water losses with new technologies, pressure control, combating fraud and leaks and actions aimed at conscious consumption by customers, in addition to reducing water consumption by the Company’s own operations.

Aware of the climate change scenario, Aegea seeks to expand the use of clean and sustainable energy sources, in addition to working to reduce energy consumption in its operations. We promote the adoption of technologies and processes to reduce and/or neutralize greenhouse gases generated in water and sewage treatment processes.

In terms of the Circular Economy, we work on reducing waste generation, using recycled water and using sludge as fertilizer in agriculture, land disposal, generating biogas or even energy, among others.


We promote a culture of integrity based on Aegea’s values ​​and Code of Conduct, with Prevention, Detection and Correction as pillars. We value ethical and transparent relationships with our stakeholders.

We are always attentive to managing risks related to our operations, whether governance, environmental or social. We constantly work to mitigate risks with a robust control system and investment in training our employees.


  • By 2030, guarantee 45% of women occupying leadership positions.
  • By 2033, promote access to drinking water for 99% of the population in our area of ​​operation.
  • By 2030, reduce energy consumption by 15%.
  • By 2033, promote access to adequate sanitation for 90% of the population in our area of ​​operation.
  • By 2030, guarantee 27% of black people occupying leadership positions.
  • 100% transparency in interactions with the Public Administration
  • 100% full remuneration of senior management
  • 100% of high-risk value chain integrity trained
  • 100% transparency of the Compliance and Governance structure
  • 100% transparency regarding reporting channel indicators

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