São Paulo, November 29, 2019 – Aegea Saneamento won, this Friday (29), the International Bidding Process no. 001/2019 conducted by Companhia Riograndense de Saneamento – CORSAN at B3, for the administrative concession for the construction of sewage infrastructure, improvement, maintenance and operation of sewage systems, and commercial programs to manage water meters and prevent fraud and irregularities.

The Partnership includes nine (9) cities comprising the Porto Alegre metropolitan region in Rio Grande do Sul: Alvorada, Cachoeirinha, Canoas, Eldorado do Sul, Esteio, Gravataí, Guaíba, Sapucaia do Sul and Viamão, totaling 1.5 million inhabitants.

“Aegea congratulates Corsan on the initiative. We believe partnerships like this are essential for the evolution of sanitation in Brazil, which still has alarming realities. Aegea is pleased to be able to contribute to the universalization of sanitation in the region, bringing more health, dignity and quality of life to the local population”, says Rogério Tavares, Aegea’s Vice President of Institutional Relations.

The auction was held at B3, in São Paulo, and was attended by two other companies.

The 35-year contract is expected to increase sewage coverage to 87.3% within 11 years.

The publication of the result is scheduled for December 13 and, according to schedule, the signing of the PPP agreement is scheduled for March 2020.