Aegea is recognized for its Structure of Risk Management, Internal Controls and Compliance reported in its Sustainability Report

Reaffirming its excellence in governance and commitment to transparency, Aegea has been recognized with an Honorable Mention in the 22nd Abrasca Award of Best Annual Report. Promoted since 1999 by the Brazilian Association of Publicly Traded Companies (Abrasca), the initiative recognizes the companies that produce the best annual reports, aiming to reward the clarity, transparency and excellence with which their information is reported to the market.

Aegea received Honorable Mention in the category Structure of Risk Management, Internal Controls and Compliance. “These areas are pillars of corporate governance, and the award recognizes, in addition to the Company’s priority in terms of Risk Management, Internal Controls and Compliance, the improvements we made to these areas over the last years,” said André Pires, VP of Finance and Investor Relations Officer.

Published since 2011 by Aegea, the Annual Sustainability Report follows the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), recognized worldwide for its transparency and commitment to integrating operational information to economic, environmental and social impacts.

Click here to read Aegea’s 2019 Annual Report in full.