Aegea Net revenue1 reached in the 4Q16 R$252.7 million, 9.1% higher than the same period in the previous year and EBITDA reached R$79.7 million.

São Paulo, February 07th, 2017 – Aegea Saneamento e Participações S.A. (“Aegea” or “Company”), currently established in 47 municipalities of 9 states in Brazil, today reported earnings for its fourth fiscal quarter of 2016 (“4Q16”), as well as the accumulated twelve months of 2016 (“12M16”). The quarterly statements presented are comparisons of the Company’s performance between the 4Q15 and 4Q16, and 12M15 e 12M16.

  • Growth of 9.1%, or R$ 21.1 million, in Net Revenue¹ in 4Q16 in relation to the 4Q15, reaching R$ 252.7 million; growth of R$ 197.3 million, or 24.8%, in 12M16 in relation to the same period of 2015, reaching a total amount of R$ 992.4 million;
  • Reduction of 35.5%, or R$ 43.8 million, in EBTIDA¹ in 4Q16 in relation to 4Q15, explained by the extraordinary bonus of the management, reaching R$ 79.7 million; increase of R$ 59.9 million, or 14,9%, in 12M16 in relation to the same period of 2015, reaching a total of R$ 462,5 million;
  • Acquisition of Sonel Engenharia S.A. (shareholder of Serra Ambiental (ES)) (population¹: 494,109 inhabitants).
  • Aegea won the public auction for the administrative concession of public services of the sanitation sewage in Vila Velha (ES) for 30 years (population¹: 474,664 inhabitants).
*It does not include Construction Revenue and Construction Costs – CPC 17.
1 – Source: IBGE – Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics, available at

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