São Paulo, may 2023 –Aegea receives international certification from Blue Dot Network,
which recognizes projects with ESG impact 

Aegea’s concessionaire Águas do Rio was recognized for its actions aimed at expanding water and sewage coverage, environmental recovery and creation of jobs in Rio de Janeiro.

Aegea, Brazil’s leading private sector sanitation company, through its concessionaire Águas do Rio, was recognized with the Blue Dot Network certification among the most important, efficient and high-quality infrastructure projects with direct impact on the environment and the economic scenario. Blue Dot Network is a multisectoral initiative formed by the United States, Japan and Australia, and coordinated by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), to assess and certify infrastructure development projects worldwide on criteria such as financial transparency, environmental sustainability and impact on economic development with the goal of mobilizing private capital to invest abroad.

The project to improve basic sanitation in Rio de Janeiro was selected among four initiatives with solid evidence and alignment with the G20 principles for investments in quality infrastructure. Águas do Rio was recognized for its efforts, investments and strategies to achieve universal access to sanitation in the state, besides contributing to the creation of thousands of jobs and to environmental recovery.

“We are proud of this important recognition after a little over a year of efforts and investments. We are aware that our deliveries go beyond the allocation of financial resources. We strive to leave a positive legacy through our efforts, from both the environmental and the socio-economic viewpoints, combined with our expertise and operational efficiency as well as alignment with ESG principles,” said André Pires, CFO of Aegea Saneamento.

Aegea’s focus on the local population, especially the most vulnerable segments, is evident from the initiatives of the Vem Com a Gente Program. Last year, in the 27 municipalities across Rio de Janeiro served by Águas do Rio, including 124 neighborhoods in the state capital, around 4.8 million people benefited from improvements in water services, 250,000 families had treated water for the first time, while approximately 5.3 million people benefited from improved sewage services. The Program agents visit every house, mapping and providing diverse services, including the regularization of networks and inclusion of residents of communities in the Social Tariff program. Today, 371,000 families enjoy this benefit at Águas do Rio.

Águas do Rio also plays a key role in creating jobs: it implemented a program to hire people living in communities, offering many of them their first formal job. Of the 8,000 jobs created by the concessionaire since 2021, 4,500 are held by residents of communities.