São Paulo, November, 2023 – Aegea Saneamento, the leading private company in the sector, including the unconsolidated associated company of Águas do Rio, reported pro-forma net revenue of R$ 10.4 billion in the first nine months of 2023, a year-on-year increase of 63%. On the same comparative basis, EBITDA was R$ 4.3 billion, a growth of 66% relative to 9M22.

Company ended the period with pro-forma net revenue of R$ 10.4 billion, a growth of 63% compared to 9M22;
In September, Aegea was the first Company in Brazil to issue sustainable bonds in the international market of the hybrid type.

Other highlights:

  • Investments of R$ 3.4 billion through the ecosystem of companies managed by Aegea, an increase of more than R$ 1.7 billion compared to the preceding year;
  • Signature of the PPP agreement with Sanepar for the provision of sewage services to 16 cities in the central -coastal microregion of the state of Paraná, benefiting more than 670 thousand people;
  • Consolidation of the results of Corsan in the Financial Statements of Aegea;
  • Concluded, the structuring of the long-term financing of Águas do Rio.

During the period, the number of households served by the ecosystem of companies managed by Aegea reached 12.0 million, a growth of more than 60% in relation to the same period in 2022, equivalent to a total of 1,450.3 million cubic meters of billed water and sewage and a growth of 43% year-on-year.

Special mention should be made of the conclusion to the structuring of the long-term financing of Águas do Rio, totaling R$ 25.5 billion with a duration of up to 28 years, source from the National Development Bank – BNDES, the Inter-American Development Bank – IBD, Proparco, the domestic capital markets and the Sanitation for All Program among others. For the year 2023 to date, R$ 10.4 billion has already been drawn down and further disbursements are scheduled once execution of investments can be proven, thus financing the investments of Águas do Rio in full for the entire period of the concession. In October, the Company also concluded the issue of US$ 500 million in bonds of the Sustainable and Sustainability-Linked Bond type in the international market and maturing 2031.

“We ended one more quarter with further progress in operating and financial results, thanks to an improvement in the performance of the assets managed by the Company, in addition to the consolidation of Corsan’s results. In line with the strategy for managing the capital structure and reinforcing financial discipline, we also extended the average usance of the Company’s debt through the first disbursements of the long-term financing of Águas do Rio and Aegea’s bond issue in the international market”, says André Pires, CFO at Aegea.

Over the last twelve months, R$ 3.4 billion was invested in the ecosystem of companies managed by Aegea and an increase of more than R$ 1.7 billion in relation to the preceding year, with priority being given to the engagement of local labor and suppliers.

These efforts were crowned by the award of the following accolades: winner for the third consecutive year in the Época Negócios 360° yearbook, Water and Sanitation category; winner in the “Sanitation and Environment” category of the Best & Biggest awards sponsored by Exame magazine; recognized in the “Best ESG Cases” category of the “Cases of Success & ESG” of the Trata Brasil Institute, with the Respeito Dá o Tom Program.

Acquisitions and PPPs:

The acquisition of Companhia Riograndense de Saneamento (CORSAN) was concluded on July 7 through the intermediary of the investment vehicles Saneamento Consultoria S.A. (“Sanco”) and Parsan S.A. (“Parsan”). CORSAN has operations in 317 municipalities in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, assisting more than 6 million people. As from the third quarter, Corsan’s results have been consolidated into the Financial Statements of Aegea. “In addition to the investments in the region, we implemented a series of interventions in all the municipalities served by the Company, as well as measures adopted for increasing operational efficiency, among these, a reduction in the cost of inputs, particularly energy, through migration to the free market”, Aegea’s CFO adds.

On October 27, through its Sanco subsidiary, Aegea signed a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) agreement for the provision of sewage services to 16 municipalities in the central-coastal region of the state of Paraná, benefiting a population of more than 670 thousand. The services will be provided by Aegea’s new operation: Ambiental Paraná.

As part of its initiatives for expanding activities in sustainable water management and the circular economy, the Company has signed an agreement with Petrobras for the supply of reused water, following treatment of effluent by the São Gonçalo Sewage Treatment Plant and operated by Águas do Rio, to Gaslub located in the city of Itaboraí (RJ). This project is the largest water reuse scheme in an industrial area in Brazil and will be supplied entirely by water extracted from treated domestic sewage.